Tasty Snacks Packed With Protein

As a former Chief of Surgery, father of two athletes, son of a cancer survivor, and someone just searching for a better snack choice, I can testify to the importance of excellent nutrition, especially as it relates to protein.

Dr. Steve’s Nutri Snax is packed with a great tasting, crunchy, complete protein. It’s convenient, ready to eat, travels well, requires no mixing or refrigeration and won’t make a melted mess. It contains 0 grams trans-fat and no cholesterol. It is Gluten-Free and Non-GMO. For now, it comes in two iconic flavors: PIZZA (15 grams of protein; 120 calories/one-ounce package) and FRENCH TOAST (13 grams of protein; 130 calories/one ounce package). It is a new, innovative approach to deliver much-needed protein. It’s very family-friendly, but even more important; it is very patient-friendly.

Protein is vital for human health. Every protein molecule has a role in maintaining body homeostasis. It makes up critical cell structure in muscle, viscera, blood cells, connective tissue and skin. It comprises enzymes, hormones and antibodies in our immune system. Protein is fuel. The human body simply cannot realize its fullest potential unless it has adequate protein, not just to survive; but thrive.


To give you an idea of your protein needs, the Recommended Daily or Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adults is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (g/kg/d), if you will, sometimes higher for children depending on the source. The most simple way to calculate RDA is cut your weight in pounds by half, and then multiply that number by 0.8. That figure is your PERSONAL PROTEIN RDA. As an illustration, if you weigh 160 pounds, multiply 80 x 0.8 which equals 64 grams of protein. That’s your personal protein RDA. This should serve as a general guide to help understand the actual amount of protein you need every day to satisfy your body’s requirements.

My original work was done in cancer patient settings with the goal being to help these patients meet their increased protein needs. This will always be my top priority. However, I discovered the patients’ caregivers and families were also enjoying the snack, even their children. The product exposure rapidly expanded to include people from all walks of life, not just patients. Everyone must consume protein. Hopefully, Dr. Steve’s Nutri Snax will make that easier and more pleasing for you. Also, it is my sincere desire you and your family will enjoy the snack, together.

Sure, it’s made to eat right out of the bag, but for something a little different, here are a few creative tips to maximize your protein intake:

Add French Toast to your favorite cereal, milk, oatmeal, pudding, yogurt, or ice cream. Add Pizza to broth, soups, chili, lentils or salads. Make every crumb count!

You are the reason I created Dr. Steve’s Nutri Snax. A bag a day for your RDA!


F. Anthony Greco

M.D., Co-Founder Sarah Cannon Cancer Research Institute

"As you know, cancer is a very heterogeneous group of diseases and the degree of illness patients suffer is extremely variable. In any regard, the degree of Protein Calorie Malnutrition is a major factor. I think your product is an excellent source of protein, and the patients have liked the product. Problems with nausea and vomiting did not occur. The different flavors offer an advantage. Overall, I think a solid form of protein supplementation in a concentrated form such as your product offers an important advantage for some patients who tend to fill up quickly on liquid forms of protein supplementation. I also think some patients are more likely to 'snack' on your product much like 'corn chips' or other popular snack foods. In summary, your product is liked and convenient. It is easy to administer and seems very tolerable and has a very substantial protein content."

Sue Gulley

RDN, LD, CDE, Dietitian at Greenview Hospital.

"I have tried the high protein snacks you have formulated and feel this would be appropriate for any individuals who need to increase their intake of protein, but do not like, or are unable to tolerate high protein drinks. I preferred the French toast flavor over the pizza flavor, but I feel both could be an option for those patients who need added protein."

Linda Poole

M.S. R.D. L.D.

"Dr. Snodgrass donated samples of his Dr. Steve’s Nutri Snax to our outpatient dialysis clinic here in Bowling Green and around the state of Kentucky. We found the product very acceptable among our patients. The new innovation of this product gives us another tool to combat low protein intake. For the dialysis patient, we have several liquid supplements available but their use must be taken into consideration with the fluid allowance. The use of Nutri Snax gives us a good protein serving without contributing to the fluid intake. My patients liked the taste and its crunchiness was an added benefit as many of my patients enjoy crunchy snack foods. The product was well tolerated, and no patients experienced any ill effects. Dr. Steve’s Nutri Snax adds another option to our protein choices." Read More

Susan Earl Hosbach

CFRE, Former President & CEO PearlPoint Cancer Support

"You have a home run! It is so flavorful. I love this and could see myself snacking on it regularly. I believe it is the perfect blend for cancer patients, not overwhelming, just very, very tasty! Thanks so much for letting us be a ‘test tasting’ group."